Chanter press, come read with us…

That has been Chanter’s phrase, as we look for great reads, new and vintage. Due to the mysteries of the internet, Chanter’s former site crashed, and we are choosing this moment to renew our site, bringing forward the pieces we loved and creating new ones, because life is a journey, after all. Follow along as we rebuld and add back content over the next weeks. The most important things are the books we will write and those already out:

See Ya, electronic from Lulu for all platforms, and in print from Amazon

Photofinish, electronic on all platforms, from Amazon

In 2016, I continued on with my groundwork to make a Texas law on educating law enforcement about misidentification and constructive response.

The conversations brought me full circle to the dreams of beginning and new starts. And that brought me to write our first childrens’ book, Dr. Lolly, Girl Vet. Set as a board book, it captures the dreams of a two year old I knew well then, and do now, Dr. Lolly, a real life young woman who dreamed a longtime and grew up to make that dream her real life. true. It brings me great joy to tell this story. You can email me at Chanterpress@yahoo.com if you have any questions. I hope to see you there!